Bouncy Castle

Bouncy Castle

Neverland Castle has categorized its bouncy castles into three categories: toddler, medium and deluxe. This is to ensure that you can easily choose the castle right for your party. If you can’t still decide the right bouncy castle for you then our representatives will gladly lend you a hand. Here is the Auckland free delivery map

Why should you hire a bouncy castle?

These past years, the popularity of bouncy castle has rapidly grown. It is well known for providing entertainment and also securing safety of the kids and adults. When it comes to party, everyone seeks fun and most of them craved for such castle. This castle is specifically designed to be inflatable not only for entertainment purposes but to secure the safety of your children. This will ensure that you as parents will be provided a peace of mind.

Benefits of a bouncy castle

1. Be energetic
No one can resist the attraction of bouncy castles. When they are inside they will surely want to have fun by running and jumping. No matter how lazy your child is, he will definitely rush into the bouncy castle and play. With different designs that Neverland Castle provides it will be easy for you to choose the bouncy castle which will fit your child and party needs.
2. Make some friends
Bouncy castles aren’t designed to be play only by a single person. They are meant to be played by a group of kids or adults, an interactive environment.
3. Make a Special Party
Make your party more fun and special by having these bouncy castles. These castles can easily attract kids and adults due to their distinguished designs. They like flowers that can easily attract bees to come at them.
4. Be imaginative
As children bounce, they can easily imagine that they are flying like birds. Children’s imagination are very vast; they can easily imagine things from just playing. With bouncy castles, they will surely imagine fun things with their friends.

Still undecided whether or not you should hire a bouncy castle? Then, give Neverland Castle a call at 0800-638376 toll free or e-mail us at We will be happy to attend your concerns.
If you are already ready to hire one then you choose from our products.