Bouncy Castles a Welcomed Alternative to Video Games

By 25/08/2015 News No Comments

If you’re looking at organising a party at your house or another location and have a bit of outdoor space then you might like to consider hiring a bouncy castle.

As you know, it doesn’t take long for kids to get bored. They have wondering minds and restless feet and are always looking for the next best thing to put their limitless energy into it.

At a birthday party if there weather is favourable then having them outside playing and being active should be the first priority. There aren’t many outdoor activities that can hold a child’s attention for as long as a bouncy castle. Let’s face it, there aren’t many adults who’d turn down quickly slipping their shoes off to have a whirl on a bouncy castle.

Kids and bouncy castles are a match made in heaven. As long as there’s air in both of them, the outlook is going to be bright.
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Neverland Castle provide bouncy castle hire throughout Auckland and has over 10 bouncy castles to choose from that vary in theme and size and they start at $130 per hour for a 6 hour period. We can cater to toddlers and older kids and have themed bouncy castles including Cars, Spiderman, Superman, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse and Fantasy and Disney Princess.

With kids bouncy castles it’s easy to monitor what’s happening as they’ll be confined to the area of the bouncy castle. This makes for safety in numbers and peace of mind for parents. Best of all, if kids fall over there’s a 99% chance they’ll have a smile on their face as they pick themselves up again.

If you are planning a kid’s party then you want to make the day that they talk about for days and weeks after. The likes of party hats, balloons, cakes and ‘blind man’s bluff’ provides only so much entertainment and exciting. With a kids bouncy castle, you can be sure kids will be all over it like a rash and have a day to remember.