Bouncy Water Slides the New Craze

By 25/08/2015 News No Comments

The popularity of inflatable kids bouncy castles in New Zealand has been phenomenal for years. You often see them at local festivals, carnivals and other organised public events.

The concept of the traditional bouncy castle has gone one step further and added a splash of added entertainment and exciting for kids of all ages.

The inflatable water bouncy castle is now all the rage and their popularity has seem them pop up all over Auckland and throughout NZ.

With the addition of water comes the element of added excitement and nearly all kids enjoy getting wet, if the water is a comfortable temperature. Throw in soft bouncy castles and you’ve got a recipe for hours of happiness and great memories.

Bouncing water slides should be the first thing on the mind of an event organiser. In cases where an event is largely targeting adults but children are going to be present, it’s essential that kids have some fun of their own. With bouncy water slides, parents will be able to spend most of their time doing adult stuff rather than having to entertain their children the whole time.

Today there are a wide range of themed bouncy water slides. Neverland Castle in Auckland specialize in water slide hire throughout the city and have an excellent range of quality inflatable slides including the Polar Bear bouncing water slide, the Orca water slide, the Jungle Slip n Slide, Treasure Island and the Castle and Adventure Combo. These vary in price from $280 to $360 per 6 hours. They range from 6.5m long to 8m long.

Considering the price of taking children to the local theme park, it makes perfect sense to bring the theme park to your own back yard. Whether it’s for a kids birthday party or just to keep kids happy for the day, hiring an inflatable water slide is the perfect solution.